1. Introduction

1.1. @Remember

@Remember is an annotation which helps you not to forget any temporary solution (aka hacks or quick wins) you have introduced into your code base.You specify the date in the future when you want to revisit the code, e.g. @Remember('2018-12-24). After this date the code no longer compiles forcing you to re-evaluate if the code is still required or to find more permanent solution.

2. Installation

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'com.agorapulse:remember:{project-version}'

3. Usage

import com.agorapulse.remember.Remember

    value = '2019',
    description = 'This method should be already removed',
    format = 'yyyy',
    owner = 'musketyr',
    ci = true
class Subject { }

You can modify the format of the date value by setting format property of the annotation.

You can customize the message being shown by using description property.

You can add an owner who is responsible for action which needs to be taken when the annotation expires.

You can force failing on continuous integration server by setting ci to true.By default, the annotation will only fail during local builds.

3.1. @DoNotMerge

If you have a code you want to discuss with your colleagues before merging to the main branch or simply you have created a temporary solution which should never enter the main branch then you can use @DoNotMerge annotation.If the library recognizes (on a best effort) that the build has been triggered by pull request then it will fail to compile.

import com.agorapulse.remember.DoNotMerge

@DoNotMerge('Just testing some stuff')
class Subject { }