1. Introduction

This page is a catalogue of all currently supported open-source libraries provided by Agorapulse. The major categories are Grails Plugins, Micronaut Libraries and Testing Libraries. You can use a Maven BOM file to ensure you are using the latest versions of the libraries:

dependencies {
    implementation platform('com.agorapulse:agorapulse-oss:2023.2.23.1322')

2. Micronaut Libraries

2.1. Micronaut AWS SDK

A set of useful libraries to integrate Micronaut with Amazon Web Services. The following services are supported: DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3, SES, SNS, SQS and STS.

2.2. Micronaut Console

Micronaut Console is extension to the Micronaut applications and functions which allows executing arbitrary code.

2.3. Micronaut Facebook SDK

Micronaut provider for restfb Facebook Java client.

2.4. Micronaut Grails

Micronaut Grails library helps to use Micronaut beans in the Grails 4 application or any other Spring application. The main additional feature is the ability to do more customisation to the Micronaut context such as adding a package for scanning.

2.5. Micronaut Log4AWS

Micronaut Log4AWS simplifies integration of Amazon Web Services Lambda functions written with Micronaut into the Sentry service.

2.6. Micronaut NewRelic

Micronaut NewRelic library helps to send the custom events to NewRelic.

2.7. Micronaut Permissions

Micronaut Permissions provides a lightweight library to declare object level permissions in Micronaut which can be declared on any service and which are not limited to HTTP environment.

2.8. Micronaut Recurly

Micronaut Recurly library provides configuration for Recurly Java Client.

2.9. Micronaut Rethrow

Simple around advice which catches errors of given type and rethrows them as another type.

2.10. Micronaut Segment

The Segment library allows you to integrate Segment in your Micronaut or Grails applications.

2.11. Micronaut Slack

Micronaut Slack is more idiomatic alternative to Bolt Micronaut library for Slack API integration into the Micronaut.

2.12. Micronaut Snitch

Micronaut snitch helps you to keep track of running asynchronous jobs (Quartz, Scheduled).

2.13. Micronaut Worker

Micronaut Worker is a library for advanced scheduling and work distribution in Micronaut.

3. Testing Libraries

We provide several libraries to help you test your application.

3.1. Dru

Dru is Data Reconstruction Utility which helps to create and maintain test data based on real-life production data as it is for example often easier to grab production data of web application as JSON than trying to create selective export from one or more data stores.

3.2. Fixt

Fixt helps organize fixtures for your fixtures in a directories with the same name as your test class.

3.3. Grails Job Testing Support

Grails Job Testing Support brings the same trait-based testing support to the jobs created by the Quartz plugin as the original Grails Testing Support.

3.4. Gru

Gru is HTTP interaction testing framework with out-of-box support for Micronaut, Grails, Spring MVC, API Gateway but it can be used with any HTTP server framework.

3.5. Office Unit

Office Unit is trivial tool for matching Microsoft Office documents.

3.6. Spock Extensions

Set of useful extensions for the Spock Framework.

4. Grails Plugins

This is the list of currently available Grails plugins.

We are deprecating the usage of Grails Plugins in favor of Micronaut Libraries at the moment.

4.1. Grails AWS SDK

Grails AWS SDK plugins provide Grails integration to Amazon Web Services. At the moment, there is a support for Cognito, DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3, SES, SNS, SQS.

These plugins are superseded by Micronaut AWS SDK libraries.

4.2. Grails Facebook SDK

This project contains the open source Grails Facebook SDK Plugin that allows you to integrate the Facebook Platform on a website/app powered by Grails.

These plugins are superseded by Micronaut Facebook SDK libraries.

5. Other

The following libraries are framework agnostic.

5.1. Groovy Code Checks

Groovy Code Checks provides additional compile-time checks to ensure the best practises. At the moment there just a GORM implementation which forbids usage so instance and static GORM API in favour of data services.

5.2. Remember

@Remember is an annotation which helps you not to forget any temporary solution (aka hacks or quick wins) you have introduced into your code base.